NFPA’s SUPDET-2019 in the USA

September 17-20, 2019
Denver, Colorado

Since 1997, the Research Foundation has organized SUPDET®, an annual symposium which brings together leading experts in the field of fire protection engineering for the purpose of sharing recent research and development on techniques used for fire suppression, detection, and signaling. These events are generally attended by a variety of fire protection professionals, such as engineers, researchers, insurers, designers, manufacturers, installers, and AHJs.

The Fire Suppression, Detection and Signaling Research and Applications Conference (SUPDET 2019) will address the latest developments in research, technology, and applications for the fire protection community. The program is in planning stages, with the aim of covering the following topics:

Detection and Signaling:

  • Multiple sensor and multiple criteria based fire detection
  • Power over ethernet and emerging technologies
  • Home smoke alarm applications
  • Use of data to improve performance/effectiveness
  • Wildfire applications


  • Advancements in protection of high hazard commodities
  • Developments to address environmental concerns
  • Protection of Li-Ion battery energy storage systems
  • Reliability and maintenance of systems (including remote maintenance)
  • Advancements with gaseous and clean agents

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