inControl Systems Inc., Offers Multi-Layer Fire Protection For Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and Battery Power Enclosures

Critical OFF-GAS Monitoring System now available from inControl Systems

Ontario, Canada – 30 March, 2021 – inControl Systems Inc., a Canadian manufacturer and integrator of engineered fire protection solutions, now offering a sophisticated  “multi-layer” fire protection solution for ESS Energy Storage Systems.

With a growing demand globally for advanced energy storage solutions (ESS), there are growing concerns of fires that result from damaged storage devices and batteries. The hazards from damaged ESS can be a condition known as “Thermal Runaway”.  Thermal runaway is when there is a fast and uncontrolled discharge of heat from a battery cell. The heat is so significant, that it cannot effectively be dissipated. The thermal runaway in a single battery cell will easily cause damage to cells in immediately proximity, thus creating a chain reaction of cells. The end result being a battery fire, or an explosion, in extreme cases.

When a battery cell is compromised, either by mechanical, electrical or environmental abuse, the batteries will create and emit toxic, flammable gasses. These are known as off-gases.

Immediate detection of off-gases will stop the situation from escalating into a full-scale fire or explosion. This is where the new technology offered by inControl Systems comes in.

In addition to off-gas detection, inControl Systems offers their innovative “Multi-Layered” ESS fire protection solution, providing a complete and integrated solution to effectively and quickly mitigate the risk and avoid catastrophic damage from fire.

Mr. Carmine Colarocchio, President at inControl Systems Inc. explains, “Once this rapid detection occurs, with our “multi-layered” solution, we initiate a series of events (alerts, alarms and extinguishing) that communicate to the ESS controllers to shut down power. Shutting down the power will reduce the heat buildup, and help to de-escalate the risk .”

Mr. Colarocchio goes on to say,” Everything starts with super-quick detection of any “off-gases” discharged from the damaged batteries. We have the latest, most advanced off-gas monitoring system available. The smallest amount of “off-gas” can be immediately and effectively detected. Then the rest of our “multi-layered” fire solution goes into action to prevent massive damages. We are very proud of what we are offering to this rising market sector”

The team at inControl Systems are very busy working with ESS manufacturers and consultants to launch this latest technology to this rapidly growing ESS industry.

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